Carmit Zur, LCSW

Adult Individual & Group Psychotherapy

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Multilingual Therapist

Therapy in English, Hebrew and Farsi

(310) 733-8456,

Carmit Zur
We’re all human, and at one point or another, yearn to feel heard and understood. Our circumstances can be an amalgamation of multiple factors, external as well as internal. I am interested in getting to know you and hear your experiences and help make sense of the circumstances and feelings you are going through, in ways that make sense and resonate within you.

Carmit Zur
Carmit Zur
My professional experiences have provided me with opportunities to work with people of diverse backgrounds as well as varied life experiences and challenges. Having a multicultural background and being multilingual, I am interested in the balance between the universality of human experience and a person’s individual circumstances. I work with individuals and groups.

I completed my first degree at UCLA and second degree in social work at USC. I am aware of the challenges of living outside of the original county and the importance of having a psychotherapist who understands your culture and background.

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